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Onyx Capital Fund I - Mortgage and Trust Deed Investing

Non-Traditional Capital Reserve For Real Estate Investors 

MJ Legacy Fund Management LLC is proud to launch a new value added, asset backed, mortgage fund Onyx Capital Fund I (OCF I) that will leverage Real Estate from a diversified-asset mix of properties—in multiple MSA's. The fund will seek to leverage the company’s core capabilities to enhance investors capital by lending on Bridge and Ground Up Construction projects. We are seeking investors to be a part of this successful premier fund with a $50mm capital raise kickoff.
The funds advantages lay in the company’s historic ability to efficiently source, underwrite, balance sheet, reposition, and service real estate loans that will serve the need for borrowing investors that do not have the opportunity to acquire real estate thru traditional means.

In doing so, the fund seeks to originate superior, low risk loans to maximize returns while protecting assets against market volatility and any borrower nonperformance. The substantive information shared in this presentation is subject to the disclosures contained in private placement memorandum to accredited investors. For any questions related to such disclosures please contact


Onyx Capital Fund I (OCF I) is looking for capital  Debt and/equity partners interested in leveraging our deep local market knowledge and experience in multiple MSAs residential real estate.

OCF I will utilize the capital to originate short-term private loans for investors purchasing and renovating 1-30 units of real estate assets .

Property Description

OCF I  is initially focused on financing residential properties that can be sold or refinanced within 12 months of acquisition.

Our typical acquisition ranges in price from as low as $75,000 up to $1,000,000, on the residential side, with rehab costs representing $15,000 to $250,000.

OCF I Interest rates are based on borrowers qualification/experience, asset underwriting, and closing date.

By holding and servicing the loans, or selling them in the secondary market, we are able to mitigate default risk, and increase yield for our capital partners.

Join Us Today & Get Exclusive Access To Oynx Fund I
Asset Class
SFH, MFH, Ground Up Construction, 1-30 Units 
Targeted IRR
Targeted Cash Yield
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